Books to Be

I like to work on several stories at once, moving from one to another when I get stuck. The result: I am currently writing, editing, and submitting all at the same time! But that’s the best way I work. Here are some of my current works in progress!


They say curiosity killed the cat, but in Curiosity’s case, it got her turned into one. For the past year she’s lived as a castle cat and companion to the princess of Aldarea, biding time until her enchantment ends. Then one day Mace, a boy turned into a dog, shows up at the palace looking for a way to break his enchantment-something that’s supposedly impossible. Her curiosity gets the better of her and when he leaves, she follows him. Together, they take on surly warlocks, cross mountains, and uncover a plot that threatens all of Aldarea.

Status: Complete! I posted the entire book on Wattpad so take a read and let me know what you think.

blue cover

Blue is a seventeen-year-old girl and wants to be a cryptozoologist. Which means she is very intrigued when her estranged father sends her a large blue egg that hatches a creature straight out of one of her books. Now she and four classmates-including the enigmatic Diego-are raising a cryptid in secret. But someone is after it and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Status: Complete!

feyCara grew up isolated by her aunt; every night she is locked in her bedchamber from sunset to sunrise, and every night she hears the call of…something. When she is seventeen, her father sends for her and she learns she has been bartered away to pay his debts as an exhibit. Because she isn’t quite human and what has been calling her is the Forest, the home of the fey. She escapes there and finds herself under the reluctant protection of Benethorn, a werewolf. Dislike on both sides eventually turns into affection, but there is a dark danger for Cara inside the Forest, a Curse that craves her blood.

Status: Finally, after 10 years, the rough draft is complete! A scary 121,000 words are currently in the editing process.

the Funeral Ghoul

Cassie has spent her entire life on a small island in New England as an outcast. Her parents are gone, her relatives treat her like an intruder, the adults are either dismissive or overprotective, and her classmates avoid her. She blames it on the fact she watches every funeral, trying desperately to remember her mother’s. Then her dreams turn into vivid nightmares of her ancestor and the colonization of the island. There was something there, before people, before time. It slaughtered the livestock and stalked the humans. It’s still there, and now its stalking Cassie.

Status: Done, going through some last edits, and then will be sent off to agents in Feb 2019.

believing in magic

Anni has just been put into her own personal hell: a boarding school where she knows no one. And even worse, she’s caught the eye of Jarrett, the most popular guy in school. Too bad she’s too shy to actually talk to him. But she does manage to make friends with Erik, a gamer who puts her at ease. All three of them are together when they are pulled into a portal into another world where magic is as common as electricity. There they are put in another school where Jarett is trained as a warrior and Anni and Erik trained in magic by the sorcerer Locke. Anni slowly adjusts and Erik is having the time of his life, but Jarrett only wants to get home any way possible.

Status: About 1/10th done 🙂 I’m not really sure when this will get done…unfortunately my 2019 is booked!

ShadowLake fixed

Kaylen is a slave in a harsh world of desert and famine. Jen is a sorcerer raised in the isolation of the School. Ryan is a paid hunter who works alone. Their destines are intertwined and together they travel across their cursed country in search of answers. Zombies are after Kaylen, Jen was betrayed by his master, and Ryan has been stalked all his life by a phoenix. By the time they get their answers, one will have died, one will be trapped in another world, and one will have to do something unthinkable. And then the very fabric of their world will change forever.

Status: The rough draft is semi-complete, but I’m planning on splitting it into two parts. It needs a lot of work.