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    Bunny: Part V

    Part I, II, III, IV! By the time they’d all eaten there fill-and Seth’d better not ever complain about how much she eats again after that wolf ate an entire loaf of bread-Kani had relaxed enough to sit cross-legged on the table, though she tensed every time the wolf moved or Seth stepped away. But watching Ben with Cara filled her with a longing she thought she’d gotten over. To belong to someone as she’d never really belonged with her family. Ben sat next to Cara’s chair, leaning against her legs. When he reached out one long arm to grab the last hunk of cheese off the table, Kani couldn’t…

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    Bunny: Part IV

    Part I, II, and III Kani screamed and bolted for the nearest window, but Seth grabbed her around the waist and pinned her against his chest. “Calm down,” he ordered. “It’s alright, calm down.” She couldn’t get away from him, couldn’t break free, so she shifted and scrambled up his chest to bury her rabbit head in his neck, trembling. “It’s okay, calm down. Look.” She managed to turn her head enough to see that the wolf hadn’t moved. It was a dark brown with dark blue eyes and white scar across its chest. And BIG, especially in her rabbit form. “Ben,” Cara said. “I’ve been looking for you!” She…

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    Bunny: Part III

    Here is the first part, and here’s the second! The next day, Kani emerged from her den, a cozy hole under a tree. She went out just far enough her sensitive nose could sift through the smells, scenting for any danger. The Forest smelled of morning, the scent of trees and grass and dew. She could smell other rabbits, real ones, some squirrels, and a hedgehog. But nothing that would view her as food. She hopped the rest of the way out and shifted to a girl, stretching her arms over her head. The weak morning sunlight glinted off the dewdrops. A beautiful morning. She hoped Seth saw it. Really…

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    Bunny: Part II

    For the first part of this story, click here!   Kani froze, trying to blend her brown fur into the dirt. “Forget it, Bunny. I see you. This is my food supply, you know.” She gave a unrabbit-like sigh and turned around to look up at the man. He glared down at her with his hands on his hips. Her ears perked up, she widened her eyes and stood up on her hind legs, going for cute. “I have a heart of stone. Not working.” So she shifted, her body growing and fur receding as her brown hair lengthened. Within ten seconds, she stood up as a girl. But she…

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    Introducing Bunny

    Let’s face it. Bunnies are adorable and even when they grow into rabbits, they are still captivatingly cute!     See!? So captivatingly darling. Yes, I used a thesaurus to find other words for ‘cute’. But the bunnies deserve it. Bunny is about a were-bunny (as in a girl who can change into a rabbit) and her fascination with a garden-and the garden’s owner. It’s a spinoff story from my manuscript Fey (check it out on the books to be page). It is set in the same world and briefly features the main characters, Cara and Ben. In this world, fey (anything not human) live in the Forest and humans…

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    The Lemur

    Who here loves school assemblies? Yeah, me neither. So I wrote this story during one of my highschool assemblies (don’t remember what about…imagine that) on the program they handed out. Handy things, those programs. They saved me from dying of boredom most of the time. A younger girl had been carrying around a stuffed lemur and I could see it from were I sat. Thus, evil lemur was born! Enjoy this silly story. Laurie (name changed to protect the innocent…and not so innocent) was given the stuffed lemur for her fourteenth birthday. It had large yellow-orange eyes and no mouth. It was not very big, only about ten inches long.…

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  • Dialogue Story


    Hello anyone and everyone! Happy August! So my life, for now, has settled back down after a two week trip to England, which was amazing! Though the picture above? Yeah, Big Ben does not look like that right now. It is COVERED in scaffolding. And that pretty bridge? So full of people I had to duck and weave to get through. Still, we had great weather, wonderful food, and good times with old friends. But now I’m back to normal life, so let’s get this blog going again! The following story-thing contains only dialogue. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always loved writing teeny tiny stories that contain only speech,…

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    If you didn’t read my last post, check it out here so you have the background info of this story! If you don’t feel like doing that, think X-men if humans weren’t jerks and were able to integrate mutants (Jinxes) into society. I’m hopefully going to write it during April for Camp Nanowrimo. My main characters are Strike and Predator. Strike is the first documented Jinx to turn at the age of seventeen. She controls lightning and is extremely powerful-and suffers from major PTSD from how she Jinxed. She’s on probation; if she doesn’t get control of herself and her powers, she’ll be forced into a medically induced coma for…

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    Camp Nanowrimo

    So, I wasn’t going to do Camp Nanowrimo this year because I failed so spectacularly last April. And Mez and I (have I mentioned Mez, my writing buddy living on another continent? Check out her site here!) have decided to have our own novel in a month in June when I’m going to finish Believing in Magic. But I’ve had this story idea for a while and it’s never worked: the main girl was just too aloof to be the main viewpoint of the story. I thought about trying my hand at writing a screenplay (something I’ve never done but want to try someday), but had another thought: changing the…

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    The Doll

    I wrote this years and years ago. Don’t ask me what it means, I have no idea. It was written with no plan in mind and it is what it is. Once upon a time, there was an enchanted city. It spread a mile in every direction, with high walls and few gates. No one entered and no one left. In the center of the castle, amidst the abandoned streets, there was a tower. In the top of the tower, there was a room. In the room, there was a child sized desk with a child sized chair. A window looked out over the city, looking towards the eastern horizon.…

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